Pastor Wade’s 21 Day Fast and Consecration Daily Blog

(This blog has not been edited for errors. These are my raw thoughts.)

Day one

I know as a church this is just day one of our fast, but to be quite honest this is day eight of mine,  and i’m wondering God what type of church do you want us to be? why is it so hard to do what you have called me to do I feel split in two I truly feel like Jesus did in the Garden “father is there any other way” a safer way, a easier way, away that makes everyone happy , a way that does not require me to suffer, a way that does not cause me to lose  friendships, a way that does not cause the heartache that I am feeling? Is it all worth it? I knew as we moved into the vision that you placed on my heart it would not be easy, truthfully I expected some of this, but wow some of this stuff is crazy! My mentor once said it does not matter what happens to you , but what matters is what happens in you. I believe that!

Day 2 (My day 9)

Well i’m entering the 2nd of my 3 day full fast and to be quite honest i’m not tripping off of the food.  My desire is to know more of him, his will, and his way.  I feel better today John Maxwell in his word for the day said GET UP LIVE ONE MORE DAY YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID! THANKS JOHN I NEEDED THAT!  Today i am committed to feasting on the word God, excited about what NEW things I will discover. (The Centurion in Matthew 8 was right all i need is a word) . Jesus is the only one on the Menu today! Average is over and it starts with me!

Day 3 (my day 10)

Well this is day 3 of my full fast, and I must say this morning is a little rough for me. to be honest I’m tempted to eat nobody said this would be easy, i thank God for the daily fast scriptures and affirmation which encouraged me, (This only a light affliction) some people think that this anointing on my life is  easy, but following Jesus is not a game, it’s not a play thing, its not cookies and cream, it comes with sweat and tears. I’m wondering if the the people of God understand that  if you want to walk with Jesus , i mean really take up the cross and follow him YOU CANNOT FAKE THIS! IT HAS TO BE A REAL COMMITMENT!  Jesus said “no man putting his hand to the plow and then looks back is fit for kingdom of God.” so yes i’m tempted, but today i have made a decision to trust him. Breaking bad habits principle # 4 faith is not something we catch like a disease. It begins with a decision, i have decided to make Jesus first today! HOW ABOUT YOU?


Day 4 (my day 11)

(This blog has not been edited for errors. These are my raw thoughts.)

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Peace and blessing,

Pastor Wade

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