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Oculomucocutaneous syndrome involving the skin, serous membranes, and conjunctivae reported for a beta-blocker practolol have not been associated with propranolol.

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Store at room temperature away from moisture and heatDo not allow liquid medicine to freezeThrow away any unused Hemangeol 2 months after you first opened the bottle.

Difficulty breathing or swallowing rash blistering or peeling skin hives itching swelling of the facethroattongueor lips feeling faint weight gain irregular heartbeat.

Propranolol is a beta-blockerBeta-blockers affect the heart and circulationblood flow through arteries and veins

CommentsDose should be periodically adjusted as the weight of the child increasesAdministration directly into the mouth of the child is recommendedhoweverthe product may be diluted in a small quantity of milk or fruit juicegiven in a bottleThis drug should be administered during or right after a feeding to reduce the risk of hypoglycemiaThe dose should be skipped if the child is not eating or is vomitingHeart rate and blood pressure should be monitored for 2 hours after drug initiation or dose increasesIf hemangiomas recurtreatment may be reinitiated.

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each light-blue capsule, identified by 3 narrow bands, 1 wide band, and inderal la 80, contains 80 mg of propranolol hydrochloride in bottles of 100 ndc 24090-471-88 .

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