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Atitudes of the Christians


  ITS YOUR ATTITUDE NOT YOUR APTITUDE THAT DETERMINES YOUR ALTITUDE. christians The Sermon on the mount covers Matthew 5 through 7 The first portion of The sermon on the mount recorded in Matthew 5 verses 1 through 12 deals with the Beatitudes. There are 8 beatitudes listed, some might say 9….. Let’s think of the beatitudes [...] Read more »

Lesson 10: Jesus Death, Burial and Resurrection


Jesus on Trial before Pilate >>> Read Mark 15:1-21. <<< Please read each section in your Bible as you study the lesson. Although the Jewish leaders had tried Jesus and convicted Him of blasphemy, they led Him to the Roman governor Pilate for yet another trial. The Jews did not have authority to carry out [...] Read more »

Lesson 9: Final Teachings of Jesus


Jesus Warns of Coming Events >>> Read Mark 13:1-13. <<< As they left the temple area, one of the disciples pointed to the magnificent buildings and commented on their splendor. Jesus replied that they all would be torn down. This remark astonished the disciples and they asked when this would happen and what sign there [...] Read more »

Lesson 8: Jesus vs. Jewish Leaders


Jesus Enters Jerusalem >>> Read Mark 11:1-11. <<< Jesus sent two disciples into Jerusalem to bring him a colt. As He rode it into the city thousands of people lined the route, spreading their clothes and leafy branches in His path to honor Him. While the enthusiastic crowd cheered, Jesus remained calm. Why had He [...] Read more »