Day 8 (my day 14)


(This blog has not been edited for errors. These are my raw thoughts.)

Breaking bad Habits principle 8 says “No one else can take your turn” There are no relief pitchers, no substitutes, you are responsible for  your own position.  Yesterday in service I talked about why it is important that we stop making excuses. (If I was in church I would say look at you neighbor and tell them STOP MAKING EXCUSES)  Stop making excuses and start making it happen.“Excuses are tools of incompetence, used to build monuments of nothingness. Those who specialize in using them seldom amount to anything… You are not a victim of circumstances beyond your control, instead you are responsible for your own life.  Stop passing and start playing the game called life, embrace your turn. So what will you do today to embrace your turn?

What thoughts will you dwell on?

Where will you direct your desires/

Who will you allow to speak into your life?


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