Pastor Rodney Wade

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Rodney D. Wade is the Senior Pastor of Long Hill Bible Church of Waterbury, Connecticut.  An  Articulate, energetic and visionary, Pastor Wade is on the cutting edge for this generation.  A son of the church he often says, I’m in the church and the church is in me.”

Pastor Wade’s ministry experience began at the age of 21 when he responded to the undeniable call on his life. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,” is the personal testimony of Pastor Wade; with over 20 years in ministry his unique ability to make the Gospel come alive has impacted the lives countless individuals.

Armed with a commitment to personal development, leadership and vision Pastor Wade has challenged the church to “Take care of Business Take on, Take back and Take over.”

Pastor Wade is married to Ingrid Darlene Kelley-Wade and they have three sons Xavier, Savion and Tristen