For the first time in my life I am filled with the Holy Spirit. GOD bless Long Hill Bible Church!

Sherri Smith
Naugatuck, CT

What a great service. I love the family feeling I get from the church members. I'm finally home.

Gladys Johnson
Waterbury, CT

GOD speaks and answers children. I was born in Portugal and came to the USA when i was nine years old. I was born to a working class Catholic family. My family are immagrants and came to the USA to have a better life. While my parents worked to send me and my sister income to live i was being raised by my grandmother. I was a happy innocente girl until one of my neighbors who was a Catholic priest molested me. I would go to church every Sunday and ask God to show Himself to me. God answered me in a dream. Jesus was sinting on HIS throne and He asked me to come and be ONE of HIS soulders. I replayed by dening the Devil and saying "yes I want to be one of your soulders". I was so happy that I tould my family that I was going to serve God and they thought i was crazy. Jesus saved me: He gave me courage to speak out against my neighbor and to stay away from people who wanted to abuse me. From then on God gave me HIS love. Even though i never saw a born again Christian, I new in my heart that i was different. Jesus gave me hope to be united with my parents that lived so far away. When i turned nine, me and my sister were united with my parents. While living in the USA i saw born again Christians on tv and radio. I learned about Jesus through living testimonies and hearing the bible on tv. My mother comverted to Jesus when i was twelve and she took me and my sister to church. Me and my family now serve the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Lupez Rodriguez
Landscapers, LLC